Total Football Fitness

When playing football it is very important to make sure your body is physically fit so it is able to deal with the tempo and strength of the game. So to ensure your body is physically prepared for an intense game of football you should go through a set training programme to give you the best possible performance every time.

The training regime mentioned below is often used by many top flight premier league teams such as Arsenal football club. The type of training programme you ought to be using in order to give you an edge when playing should consist of:

Warm Up:

A good warm up is extremely important before any physical activity takes place as this will prevent injury. Warming up is helpful as this can loosen up joints in the legs to allow them to move more freely enabling you to perform better. Warm ups can include light jogging, stretching, gentle bouncing on the spot, and even a quick mini-game to allow the body to get fully stretched and ready.

Speed Training:

Speed training as part of a fitness programme for football will help ยูฟ่าเบท increase your speed and also your overall stamina. Speed training can be great for the legs and also helps your cardiovascular system. There are many different ways you can carry out speed training and one method is to set up two cones 50 yards apart and practice sprinting between them and back again.

Stamina Training:

To last the full 90 minutes in a football match a player must have good stamina. A good player should have a good stamina level. To increase stamina you can simply jog around a football pitch a few times. Other ways of increasing stamina include doing shuttle runs and circuit training which lasts for 5 minutes.

Five-a-side match:

One of the best ways to improve your overall body fitness is to actually play football. You can simply play a five-a-side match which will improve your overall fitness and give your body a superb workout. This also increases your speed and stamina immensely.