Save Your Games From Destruction, Backup Your Games the Easy Way

One thing us gamers do not like is to lose our favorite games because of scratches on the surface of the DVD, CD or Blue Ray disc. The only option there are is to buy a whole new games. That is something we do not like, why spend money on the same game again?

Earlier the only option we then had to save money was to make some modifications to our favorite console so we without any problems could create new backups. But with nowadays spy technology on the Internet, you put yourself on a huge risk of a lifetime ban from your favorite online networks.

Xbox Live and other major online gaming networks have proclaimed they do not accept any modified consoles on their networks. Unfortunately that makes life very difficult for us that just want to have a game backup of our favorite games so we do not need to buy the game again.

The good news is, there is a whole new way to create backups of your favorite แทงบอลออนไลน์ games without having to open and destroy your favorite console and lose you warrant at the same time.

A new game burning software is available that can create an exact 1:1 backup of your favorite games.

Here is how to create game backups

– Install the game burning software on your computer
– Run the game burning application and copy the game you want to backup to a specific folder on your computer, make sure all files are copied also possible hidden files.
– Insert a DVD, CD or Blue Ray disc into your computer, make sure it is the right format according to your game console else the backup will not work.
– Follow the directions in the game burning application and it will create an exact 1:1 copy of the game for you.

The game burning software works with all consoles whether it is Xbox 360, Xbox, Ps3, Ps2, Game Cube, Nintendo Wii or another preferred game console.