Bench Press in Football Weight Training – Blast Your Bench and Your Football Career Too

Being the most popular exercise, bench press has been a part of football weight training pretty much since football became a sport. So it is no surprise, that some of the strongest bench pressers came from football gyms. It is also not a surprise, that many of them switched their careers too. But if you are a football player and want to stay one, you have to avoid training for strength only.

No doubt, strength in football is essential. But so is the speed, explosiveness, resistance, endurance… You need to make sure, that the workouts, including bench press workouts attack the body differently than bodybuilding or powerlifting workouts. Although using the same exercises, the techniques differ significantly to build all physical areas at the same time.

When it comes to bench press workouts as a part of football weight training, you need to keep in mind that bench press strength is not a goal, it is a mean to a goal. However, if you want to become a better player, you simply need to blast your bench. Of course, the level of strength needed depends on the positionufabet เว็บแม่ you play, but whether you are a receiver or a quarterback, the benefits of having a strong chest and upper body will most definitely result in you becoming a better overall player.

To ensure you are indeed doing bench press workouts beneficial to your football career, you need to first identify what it is you need the most, and what your biggest weakness is. These are the two areas you need to pay the most attention to. Do not just train what you like, don’t just use bench press technique that satisfies your ego. The goal of any football weight training is to make you a better player, not to feed your ego.

Think of it this way, your body is as strong as the weakest part. You cannot afford to have any weak spot, without risking some serious performance problems. Yes, you are a football player, not a bench presser. But regardless of how you feel about going to gym and lifting weights, a well designed and executed football weight training will make you faster, stronger and less prone to injuries. Not to mention the confidence gained from knowing, that you are in a tip-top shape. That alone will give you a mental boost that will show the moment you enter the field.

So blast your bench and the rest of the body, listen to your coach rath